Considering new carpet for your office space? It’s important to choose the right product for your application. Most carpet used in commercial application are usually Nylon, Olefin or Polypropylene and are constructed in loop, cut pile, or carpet tiles. Each fiber has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. At A1 Carpet you can discuss the best fiber option for commercial carpeting in Encino, CA that best fits your space. 


How Much Is It To Install Carpet?

Pricing can vary when it comes to commercial carpet. You want to remember that unlike hard surface flooring, carpet will take a beating and eventually shows wear. It’s helpful to decide how long you plan on keeping the carpet, which can influence your decision. A1 Carpet has a large selection of commercial carpeting in Encino, CA. Browse our inventory while we match you with an option that best fits your budget.


What Kind Of Fiber Is Best For Installation?

Most commercial carpet is made of Nylon, Olefin or Polypropylene. Olefin and Polypropylene carpet is usually the carpet of choice if you’re on a strict budget and it stands well against moderate traffic. At A1 Carpet, we provide installation services for your commercial carpeting in Encino, CA. Our primary mission is to help you choose the right commercial carpeting in Encino, CA that will provide the best long-term value for an affordable price.


What Maintenance Will My Carpet Need?

Like any floor covering, carpet will need to be taken care of in order to last. Vacuuming is the easiest, safest and most efficient way to clean your flooring. We also advice cleaning systems but it’s important to choose a machine carefully. For people who have health concerns or allergies, there are non-toxic or hypo-allergenic cleaning solutions available. Our experts at A1 Carpet will go over maintenance instructions with you in advance for your commercial carpeting in Encino, CA.


Just like most things, carpets need attention and care to last long (and look good), especially if there is great foot traffic. If you don’t regularly vacuum and clean your flooring, harmful substances like germs, dust, and bacteria will get trapped underneath. Letting it pile up will make it much more difficult when you do eventually get it cleaned. Commercial carpeting lasts up to 10 years if well taken care of. At A1 Carpet, we recommend giving your commercial carpet the attention it needs so it will last for a long time. 

Choosing a carpet that is right for you and your space takes some time. Considering all the factors when choosing your next commercial carpeting in Encino, CA is crucial. A1 Carpet offers great selections and styles with complete installation services that will fit within your budget. Don’t be shy; feel free to ask us for free samples and assistance in specifications. Reach out to an A1 Carpet personal if you have any questions or would like personalized support to help choose the material and commercial carpeting best-suited for your style and facility.