Finding a carpet that matches your lifestyle can be stressful, but it shouldn’t be. Most people are worried about putting carpeting in places that will get a lot of traffic, or places where kids hang out. It’s understandable why, and carpets today are built with families and lifestyles alike in mind. Mohawk carpets are all the rage because they’re built to withstand. At A1 Carpet, we’ll match you with the perfect flooring that meets you and your families needs.


The Toughest Carpet Around 

Mohawk carpets that use SmartStrand technology means built-in stain protection. Stain protection is arguably the highest quality on the list. No more worries about those spills, just soft, comfortable flooring. SmartStrand technology is new when it comes to carpet; it’s constructed with new nanotechnology that creates a no-spill protection. You’ll have an extra easy time washing away spills with just water or a mild detergent. Unlike other resistant carpeting, mohawk carpets with SmartStrand technology means that soil and stain resistance is built into every single fiber in the carpet. 


Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet FAQs


What Is Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet Made Of & Is It Reliable? 

Mohawk SmartStrand carpet is made with DuPont renewable polymer, otherwise known as triexta fiber. SmartStrand carpet is reliable and at A1 Carpet we offer a variety of colors. . 


How Much Do Mohawk Carpets with SmartStrand Cost?

  • Average minimum cost of SmartStrand carpeting: $2.29 per square foot
  • Average maximum cost of SmartStrand carpeting: $4.48 per square foot
  • Take into consideration labor costs


How Do You Clean SmartStrand Carpet?

First, try to remove stains with warm water. If that doesn’t work, apply a low-residue carpet spot remover. If there are large stains that need to be cleaned, you will need to do a hot water extraction. While other carpet fibers absorb stains, Mohawk carpet fibers repel them.


Are Mohawk Carpets Pet Proof?

As much as we love our animal companions, we can all agree on that we do not enjoy cleaning up pet stains or spills. Normal carpets are vulnerable to the many stains and smells when it comes to owning a household pet. Mohawk carpets are designed to be pet proof! Along with SmartStrand stain-resistance and have 0% moisture absorption. This means that pet odors won’t get locked into your carpet unlike other carpets where you may need to cut and replace it regularly.


Style It Your Way 

Like other carpet types, SmartStrand has a few styles and types. This Includes:

    • Textured
    • Pattern
    • Contemporary styles
    • Variety of colors to choose from
    • Loop
    • Friez




A1 Carpet offers a vast collection of Mohawk carpets to make it relatively easy to find the right color to compliment your office and home. If you still need convincing that Mohawk carpets are a great choice for you and your family, talk to our experts at A1 Carpet. We have the answers to help you choose the right carpet for your life or rooms in your house or office. For more information about Mohawk carpets, contact A1 Carpet today!