Want to give your living room or bedroom an edge? A multi color carpet is just what you need. A perfect carpet can improve any space drastically by including shading, warmth and a touch of solace. It additionally has sound diminishing properties that are especially helpful in various zones such as upper-floor rooms or passages of multi-storey homes. At A1 carpet in Encino CA we provide you a huge collection of alluring multi color carpets.

Explore a World of Variety

In the event that you don’t want to give your flooring space that mown look, a multi colored texture is a great approach to take. Since it provides the necessary contrast and adds a perpetual twist by giving the gorgeous flair your home needs, it also has a tendency for foot traffic to be comparatively less noticeable along with provides light reflectivity. Our multi color carpet is easy going and is bound to give your home the mileage it deserves more than any other style. With a huge collection of beautiful hues and styles, you will find exactly what you’re looking for.

Check some of our exclusive features:

  • 100% Solution-Dyed PET Fiber
  • Natural stain and soil obstruction, including intense pet stains and pee
  • Amazingly delicate touch and refined fiber looks/feels sumptuous
  • Thick, calfskin like surface
  •  Impervious to ozone blurring

Above all, a multi color carpet at A1 Carpet is extremely reasonable. Yes, you can choose the one you prefer within your budget. With different styles, color combinations and textures, high to low price range, we’ve got something for everyone!

Make the Best Choice

A Carpet can give you sound protection; feel like a soft cushion underneath your feet giving you the much needed relief and a safe, non-slip floor. If those reasons don’t cut it for you, you should know our products in Encino CA, are made from non-allergenic properties, while giving flexibility to adapt it as per the innovative plan you may have for your space.

To pick the perfect multi color carpet, you need to initially see which trends are in. If by chance, the room where you want the carpet has a high traffic scenario, you might have to think about getting a carpet with tough material like fiber, similar to nylon with a style that has a shorter heap stature. In today’s date & time, there are unfathomable options to choose from. From Berbers, rich designs to finished, your prospect to find the perfect carpet is in good hands- A1 Carpet! Now flaunt that carpet and turn your ordinary home décor into an extraordinary one.

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