Overlays are a type of resurfacing finish that you apply over existing concrete surfaces. They can revitalize the look of your concrete floor while also mimicking other types of stone, brick, wood, and slate. Change the look of your rooms inside or out with an overlay floor finish. It’s sure to change the dynamic of your home, office, or outdoor setting. 


When Can You Use A Concrete Overlay?

Concrete overlays are popular for anyone who wants to revitalize the look of their concrete without expensive removal or replacement processes. You can use a decorative concrete overlay on any type of concrete surface, as long as the concrete is solid and sound. It’s crucial to ensure that the concrete doesn’t have a high level of moisture.


Benefits Of An Epoxy Finish

  • Low Maintenance – A polymer modified cementitious overlay requires very low upkeep. They’re also easy to clean and keep intact. Protect the lower level of your concrete floor from any damages. 
  • Strength – Concrete overlays are incredibly strong and have been shown to last a long time. You don’t have to worry about constantly repairing and replacing your flooring with strong use. 
  • Ease – This type of flooring is incredibly easy to install. It doesn’t require you to dig your own floors or spend a lot of money changing it out. Instead, it can simply be placed on top of your old floor, saving you time and money.
  • Variety – These kinds of coatings can come in a wide variety of assortments. They offer a lot of decorating options that can really make your space shine and doesn’t have to cost you a lot in order to do it. It can look like stone, brick or any type of style you want in order to make your space truly yours and one of a kind! 


Different Types of Overlay Include:

Metallic Epoxy Coatings – This overlay floor requires a new type of epoxy-based system that helps concrete replicate the look of copper, silver, aged bronze, gold and anything that shimmers. Some of these coatings contain real metallic powders, while others use special reflective pigments. Metallic epoxy coatings can add an upscale look to your desired area. 

Stampable Overlays Stampable overlays are the most common option, because they can give your concrete the look of other types of stone, wood, tile, or brick. 

MicrotoppingsMicrotops are often used to revitalize old or worn concrete. These overlays usually come in white or gray. These are applied thin, which allows them to flex and create unique accenting styles. They’re great for a marbleized appearance on your floors.

Boral Overlay Boral overlay has been designed for those who love the style and warmth of a solid timber floor, but don’t have the traditional bearers and joists subfloor structure. It’s designed to be glued down directly over concrete, existing timber, plywood or particle board, as long as the existing flooring is clean, dry and flat. Boral overlay flooring still offers the same depth of wear, providing a number of refinishes for a lifetime of enjoyment.