Wooden floors and tiles are getting really popular when it comes to aesthetic. Does this mean carpet is old news? Of course not, carpet never goes out of style! Your choice of carpet can be the foundation of a decorating plan. A carpet choice should inspire you or compliment existing walls, furniture, fireplaces, curtains and add an additional design flair. At A1 Carpet, we have an array of styles to decorate any home just the way you like it.


Designing with Carpet

Patterned carpet will accentuate any room of your living space or office to match your particular taste. There is no limit when it comes to pattern carpet, just your creative limitations! Pattern carpet is becoming a huge trend and can be level loop, cute pile, tip shear, or cut and loop combination. Patterns can be achieved by using colors to make the desired pattern, or mixed and matched. At A1 Carpet, the options are near limitless when it comes to pattern carpet in Encino, CA.


Creating A Mood

Color may be the major element of design in your decorating project or new home. Creating a mood with color is one of the best tips to follow because it manipulates size, shape and plays with light in a room. Your floor and walls are often the largest visuals spaces in a room, so choosing the right color for your carpet is a very important step. With pattern carpet, you are able to mix different tones of one color, to provide balance in a setting, brighten up a dark room or even eliminate visual stress. Let our design team at A1Carpet discuss color and pattern carpet in Encino, CA with you.


Installation Pattern Options

With pattern carpet, you are able to create several different installation pattern options. If you choose to design with carpet tile or planks, there is a flexibility to create various designs. Essentially, you can either rotate tiles or offset them to create patterns. You can choose from a brick layout, ashlar, monolithic and more! Designing your pattern carpet in Encino, CA, shouldn’t be a hassle. Let our design team help you navigate through our array of options to select a design pattern that compliments your space.



Like any carpet floor, it’s best to keep in mind a maintenance schedule. A regular routine of carpet helps prevent soil buildup that can damage the carpet fiber, which can cause color loss and loss of resiliency. Our experts will explain the importance of routine maintenance and help create a plan. We understand that you want your pattern carpet to stand out for years to come, and it’s as important for us to help. We want your pattern carpet in Encino, CA, to impress your guests and want to help in your approach to daily care. 


Patterns in a carpet can provide a rich layer of sophistication or showcase your unique taste.  At A1 Carpet, you will find a wide range of options including organic patterns, geometric patterns, and floral patterns; large and small. Our design team will help you create a design that will truly make a statement that others will notice. A1 Carpet experts will walk you through any questions you have about pattern carpet in Encino, CA because we want you to leave happy and satisfied with your choice. Come in with your style, color, pattern or scheme in mind and A1 Carpet designers will find inspiration that matches what you desire.