Plush Carpet Is Soft, Elegant & Durable

Labeling plush a “standard” carpet does not do it any justice! Plush carpeting is ideal for family rooms, dens, living rooms and bedrooms. It’s also known as Saxony; it has a luxurious appearance while having a soft surface that gives a fantastic feeling to your flooring. It has cut pile fiber carpet installation, making it smoothing and denser compared to other carpet styles. Before choosing plush carpet as your flooring, more information is needed so you can decide whether it’s the right fit for the area in mind. The experts at A1 Carpet are knowledgeable, so come on by to see our collections of plush carpet in Encino, CA. 


Advantages of Plush Carpet

  • Plush carpets do a great job of combining an elegant look with durability. 
  • Plush carpet, if constructed well, will hold up for the long haul. 
  • Plush carpet has a smooth texture and cozy look that makes it a popular choice for homes and offices. 
  • It can be easily recognized by its very smooth and dense weave.  

Generally, this type of carpet is much lower than any other carpet types and can be compared to a cut lawn. It’s rich, smooth, visually appealing aesthetic offers so many advantages which is why it’s one of the best selling carpets around. You will find aesthetically appealing styles and a variety of plush carpet in Encino, CA at A1 Carpet. 



If you have plush carpet in mind to be installed in your living space or office, it’s good to know that these carpets are best in areas with limited traffic. At A1 Carpet, experts will gladly talk you through your plush carpet in Encino, CA needs and address the many factors and maintenance tips that should be considered. Keep in mind that the soft and dense nature of plush carpeting makes footprints and vacuum marks more visible on the carpet.


Our Different Plush Carpeting Materials Include: 


Nylon: This carpeting material is very soft, stain-resistant and durable. 

Polyester: With its ability to hold vibrant colors without fading, polyester carpet is an excellent choice for designer purposes. It’s non-allergenic and eco-friendly but the fibers tend to flatten easily, which does not make it a good option for high-traffic areas in the home.

Polypropylene: This material is as soft as nylon and is resistant to shedding, mildew and stains. This is a perfect choice for homes with children and indoor pets.

Wool: This all-natural and long-lasting carpeting material is the most luxurious. It’s extremely soft and comfortable to walk on, making it desirable among many homeowners. 


There are many reasons why many choose to install plush carpet; one being that it adds a luxurious feel to any room. With proper care and maintenance routine, plush carpet will look soft and inviting for many years to come. At A1 Carpet, you are sure to find the perfect plush carpet in Encino, CA that will give a natural, formal look to any room and fit well with about any room décor. You will find some of the most beautiful and inviting options on the market for plush carpet in Encino, CA at A1 Carpet today.