Hardwood flooring is one such perfect choice if you’re looking for a durable ground surface that can be restored on various occasions. Furniture scratches and too much foot traffic can reduce its appearance but it can easily get back to its dated look. At A1 carpet in Encino CA, we provide the world’s best flooring services with hardwood installation.Here is something to know about pure hardwood floors, they are made of wood boards that are shaved down to uniform or close uniform thickness and introduced straightforwardly over floor joists. They are reaped in different types such as maple, cherry, oak and walnut offering a wide variety of hues, shapes and textures. You will be spoilt for choices at A1 carpet, where you can pick one that you prefer the most and complete the process of making, shading and surface choices. Whatever be your choice, we will turn your dreams into reality.

Why People Adore us?

It’s essential to prioritize home renovation. Comprehending what to consider previously, amid and after will rearrange your purchasing choice and guarantee your hardwood flooring is introduced effectively for most extreme magnificence, execution, and solidness.

Our installation experts implement hardwood in rooms with low mugginess so that it looks most alluring and maintains its durable qualities. With hardwood, the kind of flooring technique will rely upon what item you pick. They also help you pick the right technique for your flooring.

Our Services are Cost-Effective

When it comes to hardwood flooring, individuals become frantic about expenses like evacuation and transfer of the old floor, subfloor fixes, extra devices and materials, and even the expense of moving furniture while planning. Don’t worry. With A1 Carpet, watch your space transform without picking a hole into your pocket.

How we work?

  • Before Installation

The hardwood flooring method undertaken depends on the kind of you’ve picked. First we will consider significant changes that are most probably not too self-evident, but to a certain proficiency, inclusion of subfloors and underlayment necessities, how to get entryways and dividers ready and planning the entire pre-phase.

  • After Installation

When your new floors are set up, we will wrap up our devices and materials from the zone, evacuate tape, and wipe off dust and dirt with a spotless, sodden fabric. At the same time, our staff will clean the floor with the prescribed cleaner suitable for hardwood floors.

Flooring can add elegance and style to your home. Always remember that your hardwood floor appropriately is a fundamental part of keeping the home looking pleasant for a considerable length of time to come. Contact A1 Carpet in Encino CA today, your home is eagerly waiting for a loving touch up of hardwood flooring!

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