Engineered wood flooring

How to Prolong the Life of Engineered Wood Flooring?

Engineered wood flooring can be the perfect option to add in your home flooring as it provides the natural and warmth glimpses of your house. The luxury and elegant wood flooring, although provide the timeless appeal to your property, it needs proper care. It is important to be careful while maintaining the engineered wood flooring as minor carelessness may lead to financial loss. If you have renovated your floors with this beautiful ground material then don’t forget to care it by following means.

Cleaning tips

Engineered wood flooring

Engineered wood flooring

The floor is one of the major things in the home that has to bear the dust, debris, spills, and strains. So, it needs to be clean all the time and keep it mess-free. If you have the engineered wood flooring and looking for its cleaning then try to use the damp cloth soaked in detergent. Avoid dense watering of the floor as the wood may swell. Although the manufacturer of the wood flooring claims that the material is resistant to moisture, still it is wood and may be damaged with extensive exposure to water. So, be careful and use the damp cloth for removing stains.

Furthermore, when you are mopping or cleaning the floor try to clean in the direction of the wood grains. In this way, you will able to remove the stubborn dust from the floor.


A quick tip

Try to sweep the dust with a mop before using the wet cloth. It is because direct use of the wet cloth on the floor may form the layer of dust on the floor that is difficult to clean. Moreover, the layer of dust may damage the floor. So, remove the dry dust before using a detergent soaked cloth.


Prevention from scratches


Engineered wood flooring

Engineered wood flooring

Like hardwood engineered wood flooring is susceptible to scratches. Special care is required to prevent the floor from such issues. It is good to place the furniture, pots and other such items on the felt pads or carpet pieces. It will prevent scratches while moving furniture in or out. Similarly, if you have pets in your home, especially cats, try to trim its nails often. It is because cats have a bad habit of scratching. The long nails may damage the wood flooring and it will be a loss of your money.

Engineered Wood Flooring Prevent from fading

If your e wood flooring has direct exposure to sunlight, then try to use the blinds on your windows. It is because the UV radiation in the sunlight may fade the color of the floor and it may lose its elegance. In the same way, try to avoid placing heaters or electronics directly on the floor as the heat generated from such equipment may also fade the color of the engineered wood flooring. Moreover, avoid the use of bleach and such chemicals that destroy the color of the material.

wood flooring is expensive as compared to other types of floor material. So, if you have spent on this somewhat pricy material and need the long-lasting life and shine so be careful. Read the instructions and take care of the floor in order to maintain its beauty and luxurious appeal.