Truth is, vinyl had a bad rap before it became so trendy. The world of vinyl flooring has changed. In fact, vinyl flooring in Calabasas, CA has evolved more than any other type of flooring in the last decade. Each year, vinyl manufacturers are stepping up, creating a more realistic look and even cooler features. 


The days are gone when homeowners were forced to choose between wood or laminate for wood looks and between tile and stone for stone looks. Vinyl wood flooring offers all the natural beauty of hardwood floors, without the maintenance. Vinyl flooring in Calabasas, CA is without a doubt one of the most popular flooring options nowadays due to a multitude of desirable qualities. It’s economical, long lasting, beautiful, and offers lots of other advantages that attract the consumers all over the world.


Qualities of Vinyl Flooring

  • Vinyl is much more economical than hardwood, carpet, tile or other similar flooring options. If you have a limited budget, then vinyl is the absolute best option due to the low price and high quality.
  • Modern vinyl flooring in Calabasas, CA is nothing like the old school vinyl floors because today, vinyl can look as luxurious as anything else. You can achieve a hardwood, tile or marble and brick-like look. 
  • Vinyl flooring in Calabasas, CA is very reliable. It very rarely gets damaged and when it does, it’s mostly due to some extreme duress.
  • Vinyl flooring may not be as long lasting as some forms of hardwood, bamboo, or even tile flooring, but under proper care and maintenance, it can last for more than a decade.
  • There are a variety of vinyl flooring options available. In terms of quality, you can access comparatively inexpensive vinyl as well as high-end premium stuff. You can get vinyl in the form of sheets, tiles or even planks. Tile vinyl can mimic the design of brick and tile flooring whereas sheet and plank vinyl looks and acts quite a bit like hardwood flooring. You can get whatever type of vinyl based on your budget and preference.
  • Vinyl is resistant to stains and that makes it very easy to clean and maintain. If something has spilled, take a damp cloth and wipe without having to bother with chemicals or cleaning agents. Also, if you’re using sheet vinyl, the moisture will not affect the floor in any alarming way. Vinyl requires very little maintenance; if you sweep and mop the floor regularly, it should look as good as new.


Ease of Installation

Vinyl flooring in Calabasas, CA is easy to install, making it great DIY material. However, it does require the ability to take accurate measurements and make precise cuts to fit the space perfectly. If you consider yourself more of a DIY amateur, we highly recommend playing it safe and going with professional installation. Vinyl flooring can be laid on top of concrete, but again, uniformity and smoothness can be a problem. Also, a plywood layer will give you a better feel under your feet.